Main Distribution Panel

The energy which is received from output of sub distribution panels or central converters is taken under control by transfering to main distribution panel with power cable.
The main distribution panel is equipped with the necessary equipment for energy quality measurement, system security and internal requirement.

The main distribution panels are produced according to TSE, CE and ISO 9001-14001 standards. All each pieces of panel are designed according to the relevant switchgear materials thanks to steel carcass structure of  IDECO Energy. Steel carcass is in IP30, IP44, IP54 ,IP65 protection classes in factory where in Istanbul.

Sub Distribution Panel

Carrier and main carcass system of sub distribution panels is manufactured from 2-3 mm galvanized sheet, side hatch of it is from 1,5 mm galvanized sheet depending on usage conditions and front door of it is from 2 mm galvanized sheet.

The Sub Distribution Panel is completely modular and all parts are separabler. It has IP 30-44-54 options. Standard Color is RAL 7035. However, it can be produced from another colors if desired. Our panels can be produced Form-1 to Form-4. IDECO panel dimensions are determined entirely by electrical parameters. So that different designs have been created for different uses.IDECO Sub Distribution Panels are produced at our factory in Istanbul.

DC Box

DC BOX can be equipped with surge arrester and it facilitates service / maintenance with that line.
DC BOX allows to disconnect the line energy in case of trouble. IDECO DC BOXES are produced thanks to the unique design we have developed in our factory in Istanbul. IDECO Energy provides DC BOX solutions for SMA, ABB,HUAWEI and FRONIUS inverters as well as other brand inverters according to  the design of the string.

Data Logger Panel


The IDECO Data Logger Panel maintains data collectors (data loggers) and equipments for power plants.
The data collection panels are manufactured in our factory in Istanbul according to the operating voltages, equipment and required switchgear of the data collectors.

Data Logger Panel

IDECO Energy provides Medium Voltage Cells and Distribution Centers custom  solutions for energy power plants.
Metal enclosed and metal clad panels are manufactured within OG cell products.
IDECO Energy does the application-specific MV cell design work and manages all the revision processes it should have by adhering to international standards and type tests.

IDECO  is to create innovative projects with new approaches.Microgrids and Off-Grid PV systems are becoming more and more common as there is a concrete will to move towards greener energy sources for the Future.