All Electrical Infrastructure Solutions

IDECO Energy provides engineering solutions such as; radiation calculations, photovoltaic panel array design, routing and shadow calculations, optimum panel and inverter configuration and PV systems, MV / LV switchgear systems, energy transmission line project and workmanship  for energy power plants.
IDECO undertakes procurement, engineering, installation, commissioning and acceptance planning according to the project schedule for completion of the project.
IDECO provides maintenance and service at the end of the project.

Project Management & Engineering Service

IDECO offers consulting and project management services in the field of energy and electricity with experience gained from many successful projects which are completed in local and international market.

IDECO creates dynamic,sustainable and cost affordable solutions . Aims to prepare investments with the optimum parameters at the very beginning of the design stage. It also intends for deriving a profit before the construction phase.

IDECO Energy that provides smart engineering solutions for the field of energy and electricity executes design,manufacture,install and commission for LV and MV with expert staff.

Serves up all the engineering solutions with its dedicated employees who are experienced at DC,LV,MV. IDECO continues its support to investors and EPC companies in the maintenance and operation for high quality products that produced.

IDECO provides all the electrical infrastructure that will be required for renewable energy power plants with experts. In the light of improved project management tehniques IDECO finalizes the power plant installations quick and safe.

Low Voltage Panel Solutions

The following products are manufactured in our factory in Istanbul for power plants;

Main Distribution Panel
Sub Distribution Panel
DC Box
Data Logger Panel

Medium Voltage System Design & Installation

IDECO provides foundation,  basic earthing, installation and commissioning works of KÖK or Distributing Center  buildings. IDECOalso supplies medium voltage cells and related concrete kiosks. IDECO offers turn-key solutions for all of them. These solutions are provided by our own workers.

Energy Transmission Lines

IDECO provides energy transmission solutions such as assembly and installation works of lattice pole and armoured concrete.

IDECO offers the convenience of customers by undertaking engineering calculations, projecting, approval of TEDAŞ / Distribution Company, assembly and installation works related to energy transmission lines.

Operation & Maintenance

IDECO provides operation & maintenance solutions for power plants which are done temporary acceptance.
Maintenance and service is optional and is provided by our specialist team for annual fee. In addition, IDECO provides guarantees according to the product groups in the plants. Within the scope of this guarantee, in case of any malfunction that may occur, our maintenance team will be intervened as soon as possible. Thus, possible loss of production is eliminated.

The panel – connector connections, the inverter input – output connections, the field connections and the cable connections in the main distribution panels are controlled by our maintenance team with thermal camera and defects are eliminated. Maintenance, service and repair services are provided by IDECO’s own specialized staff.